Benefits of Fiber

At 200x faster than alternative technologies, fiber optic internet is the best technology available for delivering internet service to homes and businesses.

Named for the glass cabling used to connect communications, fiber optic internet provides several advantages over traditional metal communication lines. Whether you use the internet to watch tv, work from home or communicate with your loved ones, fiber offers the fastest, most reliable, and most secure internet connectivity available from any provider.

Known Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet:

• Matching upload and download speeds. This is called synchronous service. Other technologies may allow you to receive data at high speeds, but when you try to upload a document or video to social media or an email for example it is a much slower process. Synchronous speeds open up the full power of worldwide data transfer making sharing information, including photos and videos much easier. Synchronous service can be critical for some technologies - such as VOIP telephones and telehealth applications.

• Offers greater bandwidth than metal cables. This means the cables carry more data more quickly. With fiber, you will not see a reduction of speed when all of your neighbors are all online at the same time as you.

• Uses digital signals (the natural form of computer data) rather than electrical, so buried cables are not susceptible to interference from other electrical devices, weather, or radio signals.

• Cables are much thinner, lighter, and up to 8 times stronger than metal wires, making them less likely to be damaged and significantly more reliable in all weather conditions.

• Has no risk of fire hazard because electricity does not pass through optical fibers.

• Is more data secure because unlike traditional copper wires it is not possible to tap into a glass line without breaking it.

• Future proofs your home. Fiber has known capacity to support future demand for high bandwidth services and smart home applications - even as the number of connected devices we all rely on increases exponentially.

• Improves your property value - studies have shown that the average American home sees a sales value increase of over $5000 when connected to fiber.

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